The Bride And Her Robe

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

The few hours before the bride walks down the isle are very critical and emotional hours for the bride. Together with her parents, siblings and important friends in her entourage, they savour in the last few moments before she ties the knot and build her own family and life with her husband.

Keeping record of these moments, the photo and video team is tasked to take beautiful and timeless photos of the bride and groom. To add a classic touch and feel to these photos, the bride's robe plays an important part.

The robe can show the soft side of the bride's personality.

Or the playful...

The robe can be a great contrast to her surroundings.

That is why with MJ Weddings and Events, we provide this beautiful and classic white bridal robe free of use for all our brides.

This beautiful bridal robe is from Claudia by Bianca Valle-Camitan

Made from very soft lace that feels like silk, with floral accent embroidery and a long trail to add more drama, effect and versatility in every shot. Our bridal robe comes with a white silk inner dress to complete the look.

Our bridal robe can reflect your wild...

And your calm...

Book any of our wedding services and get to use our bridal robe for free. Message us now.

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Photos by:

Proud Rad

GreenTale Photography

Dizon Studios

J Fagela Photography

Toti Sy

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