Prenup Shoot at Treasure Mountain

It was such a shock for me to find out that there is a place in Tanay, Rizal with such beautiful view and amazing weather. The plus side is I did not need to hike and climb any mountain or hill.

Thanks to our lovely couple, Nathan and Eunice, for finding this beautiful location for their prenup shoot.

Shot by Belle Corpuz Photography , they captured the beauty and serenity that this place had to offer.

We arrived at Treasure Mountain together with our makeup artist, Pam Conde, before sunrise. Unfortunately, we did not see the sea of clouds but, the weather was perfect even if it was the middle of summer.

Entrance to Treasure Mountain is only Php 100.00 / head (visit their Facebook Page on the link to see their rates). You can bring your own tent or rent for an overnight stay. You can also ask their small restaurant to heat your food for you for a minimal fee.

The wind was consistent even at noon. It was not too hot, and not too cold. The mix between sunlight and breeze was a perfect combination.

What makes it more perfect is the two beautiful hearts in focus, Nathan and Eunice.

Their simplicity in detail made them look sophisticated in a background of greens and browns.

The sparkle of love in their eyes was a perfect match to the serenity Treasure mountain offered.

When love exists, love conquers.

- END -

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