Bright Neon Lights

The Kardashians' have done it again: set a new trend for us commoners to follow.

Mom-to-be Khloe Kardashian just had a gorgeous pink baby shower. The focal point of the whole event was not just Khloe but the neon sign that says "Baby Thompson".

The best thing about this neon sign is its designed from the hand writing for her momager Kween Kris Jenner.

Let us kontinue keeping up with this trend and see some more inspirations for your wedding.

You can hang a neon sign of your names or your initials on your stage backdrop.

Your favorite quotes can also be the highlight on your reception venue.

Whatever you want on your neon sign, we are sure it will bring bright lights to your big day!

- end -

Photos grabbed from Pinterest. Credits to their owners.

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