2018 Wedding Trends

Updated: Apr 6, 2018

As we start the second quarter of the year 2018, we now have a clear idea of what this years' trend are. This list will show you some trends that we had a sneak peek in 2017, and some new ones for this year 2018.

Geometric Accents

Who ever said geometry was useless back in school did not see this as becoming a wedding trend!

The simplicity and elegance of these geometric shapes adds a lot of sophistication and modern touch to your big day.

Floating Table Accents

Earth Tones Colour Palettes

Loud is out! 2018 is bringing simplicity and elegance to the front row with these beautiful and romantic colour palette trends. Pink does not need to be to "girly" when turned into an old rose shade and partnered with greens and blues and greys.


Millennials are making green the new black. From being all organic and vegetarian in their diet to being all plants and leaves for their wedding, green is definitely in.

Green Bouquets

When the grass is greener on the other side, join the band wagon. 2018 will make it big for greens and will put bright colours to rest, for now. Green bridal and entourage bouquets will compliment any shade of dress colour. It will also most definitely bring a subtle and classy pop to your wedding gown as you walk down the isle.

Flower bouquet by our partner florist and stylist: Edmar Gabila of Flowers by Edmar

Facebook Page: https://web.facebook.com/Flowers-by-edmar-612896928782182/

Flower bouquet by our partner florist and stylist: Edmar Gabila of Flowers by Edmar

Facebook Page: https://web.facebook.com/Flowers-by-edmar-612896928782182/

Donut Cake

Traditional wedding cakes are so 2017! This year we welcome the year of the donuts. The beautiful thing about this trend is everyone can admire the "cake" and eat it too.

Marble, Watercolour and Drip Cakes

If donuts are a no-no for your Keto diet, do not fret, because our tiered cakes are trending this year with marble designs and geometric accents for a classy modern look. For a more subtle feel, you can have a watercolour brush cake. For a fun and quirky kind of party, you can add a drip design to any plain, watercolour our marble cake of your choice.

Silhouette Wedding Gowns

Ball gowns are so 2017, this year we will see more A-line and silhouette or body hugging wedding gowns. The beauty in this trend is it looks amazing in all sizes, may you be super fit or voluptuous, you will never go wrong with this wedding gown trend.

Infinity and Beyond

Bridesmaid dresses are usually paid for by the Bride and Groom. Whether you are on a tight budget or on an all out extravaganza, you can never go wrong with an infinity dress.

Infinity dresses had humble beginnings as a beach wear, but in 2018, we are going to see a lot more infinity dresses in wedding portraits because of its versatility and affordability. One dress fits all with an infinite design to choose from.


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